Bringing together the very best companies in their fields, NaturalSweetie looks to provide America with high-quality niche products at affordable costs. We recognize and appreciate the importance of building a lifestyle of health, and understand that this starts with the food we eat. Shopping at local health food grocery stores and scavenging the internet for our favorite products, it became apparent that health is often over-priced.

And so, NaturalSweetie is committed to growing its product offerings slowly, but carefully. We will always offer only the very best product and at its very lowest price. Our first two products- Really Raw Honey and Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil- have gotten us this far. The future holds a lot in store.


Hi! My name is Adriel Lubarsky. Currently, I am a graduating senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in International Business and Philosophy. I grew up on Long Island with two parents who always encouraged me to eat healthy. My snacks as a kid were always fruits, vegetables, nuts...if it came from a bag or grabbed through a drive-through, it was taboo! Going through college, I hold true to these ideals and I am here to spread the word about these nutritious products! 

I started NaturalSweetie in 2008 to further invest myself in the health world. I invite you to join the movement, and help support NaturalSweetie by sharing our products, liking our Facebook page, and recommending new products.

Stay Sweet!

-Adriel Lubarsky, CEO